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Amazon Lockers to be installed on campus for convenient Amazon pickups


To provide the campus community with additional package pickup options, the WVU Procurement Contracting and Payment Services team has partnered with Amazon to bring Amazon Lockers to campus. 

Located in Braxton Tower and Summit Hall, the lockers will provide Amazon customers with the option to pick up their packages at secure, self-service kiosks at no additional cost. 

Amazon Lockers are especially helpful for those who live in apartments and homes where packages cannot be stored in a mail room or other secure location.

The lockers will be installed today (Nov. 27) and will be available for use 24-72 hours after installation. Follow these steps to use the pickup option:

  • Select the applicable locker location at checkout.

  • Confirm you have access to the area of campus in which the locker is located. Note that proper WVU ID card access is required to enter residence halls from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. daily.

  • You will receive a notification from Amazon that your package is ready for pickup.

  • Pick up your package at the applicable location.

For questions, contact the PCPS team at