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Deployment of new Managed Printing devices will continue through mid-November

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Installation of new Managed Printing devices across the WVU System will continue through mid-November, with academic and administrative departments typically receiving at least one week’s notice of the change.

Information Technology Services had hoped to complete this work by June 30, but progress has been hindered by resource constraints and machine availability.

ITS notifies WVU building supervisors when printer installations are scheduled and provides them with details on the quantity and locations of the new multi-function devices. At the Health Sciences Center, ITS tries to coordinate with departmental contacts.

Machine locations are determined by historical use data. It is up to the building supervisors to ensure all occupants are notified of the removals and installations; ITS does not have this capability. Building supervisors also collect user and funding string information as part of this process.

Participation in the Managed Printing program, which began in 2005, is mandatory. Centralizing a basic service such as print/copy/scan with standardized devices helps control costs and ensures appropriate vendor support.

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