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WVU outlines winter weather policies for faculty, staff and students

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As a new semester begins, campus community members are reminded of the University’s procedures for inclement weather conditions.

Faculty, staff and students are advised to be cautious and make their own judgments before venturing out into possibly dangerous driving conditions. Additional information regarding weather emergencies is available from University Police.

Any announcement of class cancellations — or to close the University or a regional campus or office — will be made after University officials have reviewed and discussed the conditions of campus roads and others in the vicinity.

A state declaration of a weather emergency does not automatically close WVU campuses or offices.

Students are advised to inform instructors and work supervisors of any expected absences due to inclement weather. Faculty should also notify students of class cancellations well in advance.

In the event of delayed or canceled classes while the University is still open, many units may remain operational, including dining and residence hall services, roads and grounds crews, libraries and others.

All units should review their emergency internal operating procedures.

Unless the University is closed, employees who need to be on campus will need to work with their supervisors to take annual leave or PTO, whichever is applicable, work remotely or flex their schedules within the work week. 

If officials do decide to cancel classes or close the University, students and employees on the Morgantown campus will be informed through many outlets, including:

WVU Institute of Technology has its own inclement weather policy and WVU Potomac State College has its own policy.

WVU Extension will follow its internal inclement weather policy

NOTE: The WVU Alert system is a notification system that helps inform the University community about emergencies and incidents on or near campus. Email and text messages are utilized to disseminate important information quickly and efficiently.

The WVU three-tiered notification system — WVU Alert, Campus Warning and Community Notice — allows the University to communicate as effectively as possible with students, faculty, staff, parents and other community members with guidance provided by the Clery Act.

Current students are automatically subscribed to receive WVU Alerts. Contact information can be updated on the WVU Student Alert Login site.

Faculty and staff are encouraged to register with the WVU Alert system by visiting the WVU Alert Login and clicking on the "SIGN UP" link near the top right corner of the page.

The WVU Alert system for the Morgantown campus will be tested at 1 p.m. Wednesday, Jan. 18.