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WVU faculty, staff invited to complete survey to help advance APLU Innovation and Economic Prosperity designation


While WVU currently pursues the APLU Innovation and Economic Prosperity designation, the University invites faculty, staff, employees and those in leadership roles to fill out this survey by Tuesday, Oct. 25. 

This designation recognizes higher education institutions that demonstrate an exceptional commitment to innovation, community development and economic engagement.

The survey aims to evaluate WVU’s faculty, staff and employee perspectives of the University’s innovation, economic engagement and community development programming. Get an idea of what programs may fall under these categories.

Your participation will allow us to better understand the strength of WVU’s economic engagement enterprise while helping us 1) know what we are doing well and what we can improve to enhance WVU’s economic engagement strategies, 2) measure the extent to which we are involved across the state, 3) tell our story of how we impact West Virginia’s economy and communities and 4) engage with external stakeholders to ensure our economic and community contributions have meaningful impacts.

As a member of the WVU community, this is an opportunity to stay true to WVU’s core values while helping the University continue to innovate, create new opportunities that support West Virginia’s best-kept secret — our people and our talent — and foster lasting statewide partnerships that help us pioneer new ways to advance West Virginia’s economic and community growth. 

If you have questions about the survey or the APLU IEP designation process, please contact You may also receive correspondence from the IEP designation Core Team through this email account in the future. 

Thank you in advance for your time, support and input.