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Duo Mobile upgrade features several improvements and appearance changes but works the same

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Duo Security has begun releasing a new, redesigned version of the Duo Mobile app for iOS and Android. The core functionality of Duo Mobile is is not changing: You can continue to receive a Duo Push and use passcodes; however, there are some changes in appearance, including the repositioning of the green Approve and red Deny buttons.

Faculty, staff and students may begin to notice these changes at different times. The new version features: a more intuitive setup process; simplified navigation; an updated look and feel; and improved accessibility, including color contrast, better support for screenreader users, a landscape view and variable font sizes. Read more about the changes.  

Users who don’t have automatic app updates enabled on the devices they use with Duo Mobile can update the app manually from the appropriate app store.

Accounts and settings will not have to be restored after the update. All Duo-protected accounts will be visible once the update is complete. While older versions of Duo Mobile will continue to work normally, ITS encourages faculty, staff and students to update to the latest version.

Learn more about Duo.