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Videos stored in Zoom will automatically be deleted after 120 days beginning in September

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As the fall semester begins, keep in mind that starting Sept. 1, videos stored in Zoom will be automatically deleted after 120 days. To ensure people had time to consider how to handle their content, Information Technology Services and Teaching and Learning Commons first notified nearly 500 Zoom users of this change in May.

Any videos that are 120 days old or older as of Sept. 1 will be deleted on that date. Zoom will let users recover a recording from the trash within 30 days of deletion; after 30 days in the trash, it will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.  

If you are uncertain whether you need to retain your content, you can move it to either your Google Drive or OneDrive and decide later. Instructors can preserve course content and instructional videos in Mediasite if they will be needed beyond 120 days. If you’re not familiar with that platform and need guidance on how to move your videos, contact TLC for assistance.

Mediasite is intended for instructional materials only; non-instructional videos that you want to retain and share should be moved to a non-instructional platform such as YouTube.

If your videos are no longer needed, you may choose to proactively delete them now. Please note that any recordings considered retainable records should be stored off Zoom in accordance with the University Retention Schedule.

Direct questions to the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or