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WVU outlines Morgantown campus closure and course cancellation policy for spring 2021

shoveling snow in front of woodburn hall

For the remainder of the spring 2021 term, if West Virginia University’s Morgantown campus is closed for any period of time because of inclement weather or any other reason, on-campus instruction will automatically shift to an appropriate form of online delivery. Online classes and those in hybrid form will also continue as planned. Students on clinical rotations should check in with their program directors for additional guidance.

As stated previously, the revised spring calendar does not allow for any additional non-instructional days due to our regional accreditation requirements and U.S. Department of Education guidelines.

To make up for the loss of in-person instruction on Wednesday, January 20, the University will need to add additional instruction time to the calendar. Therefore, the scheduled finals prep day on Monday, May 3 will be replaced with a regular day of MWF instruction.

Students on the regional campuses will not be governed by this change in the Morgantown academic calendar.