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Updates to WVU Transportation and Parking social media accounts

wvu transportation bus

The West Virginia University Department of Transportation and Parking Twitter account (formerly @WVUDOT) recently changed its handle to @WVUparking. This account will continue to provide the latest transportation and parking news.

If you already were following the former @WVUDOT account, no action is required by you. You automatically will begin following the @WVUparking account.

Further, to better notify our campus community of PRT information, all PRT updates will be moved from the WVU Transportation and Parking Twitter account to a new account called @WVUPRTstatus.

Be sure to follow the @WVUPRTstatus account for PRT-related information, including when the PRT may not be operating or when its operating hours are adjusted. 

Transportation and parking information still can be found by following us on Facebook or by visiting the WVU Transportation and Parking website.