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Getting a new phone? Be ready to reinstall Duo two-factor authentication

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A few minutes of planning now will save you time and frustration when you replace or lose your phone. Be ready for the holidays and your next upgrade by printing out single-use passcodes today at These will let you set up your new phone even if you turn in your old one.

Go to Click My Login. Enter your credentials, then authenticate with Duo. You'll see a page with your account details. Click Generate Printable Bypass Codes.

These codes must be used in order but don’t expire until you use them. Store them in your wallet or another secure location, cross them out as you use them, and generate a new list when you’ve used all 10.

Another alternative is to purchase a Duo display token to generate codes on demand. They cost $25 at any WVU Barnes & Noble bookstore. If purchasing online, type the words “Duo Digipass” in the search box.

Your Duo Mobile account is associated with your device, not your phone number. So, follow these steps to set up your new phone and these steps to remove your old one from your account.

Frequently Asked Questions are at Need help? Call 304.293.4444.