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The 44th Hal Wanger Family Medicine Conference is scheduled for September 20-21 in Morgantown. In conjunction with the conference, the department is soliciting poster presentations for the poster portion of the conference. This is an excellent opportunity for presenters to showcase their research and professional work.

The nose of a spaceship approaching Mars.  

Is there life on Mars? One WVU researcher is discovering ways to improve the search for life on the desert planet. Kathleen Benison, professor in the Department of Geology and Geography, has received a two-year grant from NASA’s Astrobiology Program to study modern and fossil microorganisms trapped in halite and gypsum from acid salt lakes.

Terese Giobbia portrait.  

Terese Giobbia, coordinator and assistant professor of art education in the College of Creative Arts School of Art and Design, will use specific art therapy activities, which are more methodical and structured than traditional art projects. Her research is funded by the prestigious Mary McMullan Grant from the National Art Education Foundation.