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SMDS faculty launch successful Math Games Night

Math Games Night

Erin Goodykoontz, Cody Hood and Vicki Sealey from the School of Mathematical and Data Sciences recently traveled to Doddridge County Middle School to host the inaugural event geared towards enhancing math skills in a fun and interactive way. 

Parents and students gathered for an evening of friendly competition, playing games like ONO 99 and Blokus while discussing various math strategies to stay ahead of the curve.

Math Games Night, designed to engage middle school students in rural West Virginia counties, marks the beginning of an ongoing project. The event aims to bridge the gap between home and school, fostering a collaborative approach to learning math. 

Attendees not only enjoyed the thrill of gameplay but also delved into brief math lessons intertwined with the games, emphasizing practical applications of mathematical concepts.

A highlight of the evening was the distribution of games to each student, ensuring the educational experience would continue beyond the event. This thoughtful approach seeks to promote ongoing learning, making math an enjoyable and accessible subject for all participants.

The success at Doddridge County Middle School has paved the way for future events, providing a valuable platform for students, parents and educators to unite in the pursuit of mathematical proficiency. This innovative initiative is set to leave a lasting impact on the community's approach to math education, demonstrating that learning can be both fun and rewarding.

The event was supported by the Mathematical Association of America and the Neff Outreach Fund.