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All employees are reminded to work with IT support teams to properly dispose of computer equipment

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WVU employees on all campuses are reminded to turn over computer equipment that is no longer needed to your IT deskside support units to ensure proper, secure disposal. The process for wiping hard drives and recycling electronics is outlined in the University-Owned Device Standard.

Facilities Management is no longer collecting surplus computer equipment, so a Surplus Request Form is not required for most desktops, laptops, servers or peripheral devices such as printers, keyboards, monitors. Employees should contact their departmental IT staff for non-asset IT recycling. However, a Surplus Request Form is required if your equipment is being tracked as a Fixed Asset or Federal Government-Owned Asset.

In most cases, property items being tracked as a Fixed Asset or Federal Government-Owned Asset, should have a WVU inventory tag (OC tag) or a Federal Government tag. Please contact your college/departmental asset inventory coordinator with additional questions about the identity of Fixed Asset/Federal Government-Owned Assets and whether a Surplus Request Form needs completed.

Electronics that are not computer-related, including refrigerators, microwaves and coffee pots, will continue to be picked up by Facilities and should continue to be disposed of using the Surplus Request Form.

Questions about the computer disposal process can be directed to Information Technology Services at