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Let’s Talk addresses summer vacation, self-work and reflection

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Vice President for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Meshea L. Poore continues her weekly series of short videos, exploring topics centered on helping members of the WVU community live, learn and work together with care and respect for each other.

This week’s video, released May 3, addresses summer vacation, self-work, and reflection.

“Summer’s coming – and that’s something to really be excited about. For some of us that means that it might slow down a little bit,” Poore said. “I also know that this provides an opportunity for us to take a little bit of stock in a few things. I hope you take a little time this summer to look around and reflect and do what I like to call 'heart work'.”

Poore also invites feedback on the Let’s Talk series and suggestions for future topics. Feedback can be sent to

The Let’s Talk series, with a new video each Tuesday, addressing a diversity of topics, including equity, xenophobia, and ableism.