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Daily wellness survey questions updated to provide clarity for people with chronic conditions

Wellness Survey

Language in the University’s new daily wellness survey has been updated to provide more clarity for people with pre-existing conditions whose normal symptoms may resemble those of COVID-19. The new language began appearing in the surveys delivered today (Aug. 28). 

You are now asked whether you have experienced the new onset of a symptom that cannot be attributed to another health condition (such as migraines, allergies, etc.) or that may have been caused by a specific activity (such as physical exercise).

Additionally, the survey now defines “close contact” as being “within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes.”

All faculty, staff and students should participate in the daily wellness survey to help the University monitor COVID-19 infection rates and community spread. That includes remote/hybrid workers and students taking classes online. Responses will determine whether you can be on campus each day. If you do not respond, please do not come to any WVU campus. 

The survey takes about 1 minute to complete on a mobile device or computer. If you don’t have your email set up on your phone, you can also take the survey at 

Please make a good-faith effort to complete this survey seven days a week, as illness can occur on days you don’t work, teach or attend class. Understanding the health of our community through current, comprehensive data will help guide decision-making, including when it’s safe to bring more people back to campus.

If you have an approved leave request with multiple days off and have no access to cell or internet service during that time, you won’t face discipline for failing to submit a daily survey. However, you should resume the survey on the day you return to work.

For more detail on the wellness survey, please review the Common Questions on the Return to Campus website.