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WVU welcomes 29 new Fellows to the graduate student community

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WVU recently welcomed 29 new Fellows to the graduate student community.These first-year Fellows will begin building groundbreaking research projects when they arrive on campus in August. 

Currently, more than 70 graduate students are attending WVU through one of seven highly competitive Fellowship programs. Stellar incoming Ph.D. students, as well as other doctoral and MFA students, are nominated for these prestigious awards by program coordinators. 

“I would like to congratulate all of these graduate students,” said Richard Thomas, interim associate provost for Graduate Academic Affairs. “They have received these fellowships because of their remarkable talent and dedication to their career goals. These fellowships are so important because they allow these students to focus on their scholarship and research.” 

The current class of Fellows represent more than 40 degree programs across WVU and will benefit from the three-year awards that allow them to focus on coursework and research without relying on student loans or graduate assistantships to finance their degree. 

The new Fellows include: 

Du Bois Fellows

Stephanie House-Niamke (Eberly College)

Nakia Ridgeway (College of Law)

Victoria Blackmon (Eberly College)

NF – NSF Fellows

Joanna Ridgeway (Eberly College)

Outstanding Merit Fellows

Ritika Khurana (Davis College)

Colby Ott (Eberly College)

Katy Ferrari (Eberly College)

Deniz Talan (Statler College)

Matthew Gonzalez (College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences)

Shane Brost (School of Nursing)

Provost Fellows

Emily Helton (College of Education and Human Services)

Coreisa Janelle Lee (College of Creative Arts)

Jaxson Judkins (College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences)

Erica Maney (Eberly College)

Graham Doskoch (Eberly College)

Amanda Nemeth (Eberly College)

Ruby Fellows

Jared Beard (Statler College)

Evan Cramer (Eberly College)

Kinsey Reed (Davis College)

STEM Fellows

Montgomery Owsiany (Eberly College)

Diane Benish (College of Physical Activity and Sport Sciences)

John Pace (Eberly College)

Hannah Elias (Eberly College)

Ashley Divens (School of Medicine)

Margaret Childers (Eberly College)

Brooklyn Metz (School of Medicine)

Jacob Feldman (School of Medicine)

Swiger Fellows

Jacob Klinger (Eberly College)

Jordan Bennet (College of Creative Arts)

Visit the Office of Graduate Education and Life website to learn more about WVU’s Fellowship Programs.

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