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Upcoming WVU FY2020 Compensation Program

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As part of our continuing efforts to recognize, reward and retain top talent, West Virginia University plans to roll out its FY2020 Compensation Program in mid-January.

Similar to other recent retention salary programs at the University, the FY2020 program will include retention increases for selected faculty, FE/AP, non-classified and classified staff. The objectives of this program are to provide targeted adjustments aimed at: 

  • Retaining high-performing employees, difficult-to-fill positions or employees who ensure academic and/or business continuity; and
  • Continuing to bring employees who are paid below 90% of market value closer to their market pay rate.

Financial resources for the program will be limited. Therefore, retention increases will be at the discretion of the dean or vice president for each college or unit based on available funds and the program guidelines.

Details on the FY2020 Compensation Program will be shared in the coming weeks, so stay tuned to ENEWS for the latest. 

In the meantime, faculty and staff can visit the Talent and Culture website for more information on compensation. Contact the Compensation team at 304.293.5700 ext. 6 or or 304.293.5700 ext. 6 with any general compensation questions.