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Li in publishes new book on orthopedic biomaterials

Bingyun Li - Thomas Webster, Editors - Orthopedic Biomaterials - Advances and Applications

The book Orthopedic Biomaterials: Advances and Applications edited by Professor Bingyun Li in Department of Orthopedics highlights recent advances in orthopedic biomaterials including reducing infection, developing in situ sensors, promoting bone growth, nanotechnology, and biomimetics. It is one of only a few books including contributions from clinicians, industry, and academia to provide a truly comprehensive look at bone implants. Professor Li’s students, Jason Kang and Krystal Hughes, have contributed to the chapter titled “Orthopedic applications of silver and silver nanoparticles,” and Derek Andreini, Zachary Werner, and Christopher Bell have contributed to another chapter titled “Peptides as orthopedic biomaterials.” Li and co-editor, Thomas Webster, professor and chair of chemical engineering at Northeastern University, will have a book signing reception at the

Society for Biomaterials annual conference in Atlanta April 12. Read more about Li's research group on the School of Medicine website.