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Learn about new E-News features

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We want to help you maximize your E-News experience, and make sure you find the things about our University you most want and need to see each day.

University Relations developed this step-by-step tour of the daily email and the Mountaineer E-news website. The tutorial will show you how to use the daily email to access the E-News stories you want. It will also walk you through the website features, and explain how the email and website work together.

The email and companion website were developed as the result of surveys which showed most faculty and staff wanted a shorter email. The majority also said they wanted more flexibility to click into only the items of specific interest to them. In addition, they wanted the ability to access older stories they may have missed in previous emails without sifting through their inbox and deleted folder.

The daily email is more concise and includes only the very top of the WVU information you need that day. The “Click here to browse All Articles” button allows you to scan all of the items submitted daily to E-News in one place.

Using the "All Articles" button on the website:

A similar “All Articles” button is located in the top right corner of the E-News website. The site also provides the opportunity for real-time updates, more resources in articles and additional notices.

Using the "All Articles" button in the email:

The tutorial is below. We’ve also included it as a PDF attachment.

E-News Tutorial
E-News Tutorial
E-News Tutorial