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Research Office offers ‘Using AI Resources to Code’

Research Webinar

Designed to showcase the extensive capabilities of ChatGPT, focusing specifically on its application through Python, this webinar will be held from 3-4 p.m. March 6 on Zoom. Basic Python experience is required to attend. 

Participants will be guided through a series of practical examples and Jupyter notebooks, covering essential topics such as: 

• debugging, 

• optimization, 

• web scraping, 

• data analysis, and 

• automated code generation. 

While the session will employ Python to demonstrate these concepts, it's important to note the techniques and tools introduced are not limited to a single programming language. Attendees will gain insights into how these methodologies can be adapted and applied across various programming environments. 

Whether you are a beginner or an intermediate programmer, this webinar offers a distinctive opportunity to discover how AI can significantly improve your coding efficiency and creative problem-solving abilities. 

Register to attend.

For questions, contact Logan Lang at