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Graduate student to speak as part of Faculty Justice Network’s Faculty Talks series

Stephanie House-Niamke

Stephanie House-Niamke, a doctoral student in the Eberly College Department of Sociology and Anthropology, will be the next speaker in the Faculty Justice Network’s Faculty Talks series from 11:45 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Friday (April 14) via Zoom.

Her presentation is titled, “Where Did Your Christ Come From? Exploring the Significance and Prevalence of the White Jesus Phenomenon Among Black Baptist Women and Men.”

She will outline the results of interviews conducted with 19 Black Baptist Christians to understand the impact of the White Jesus Phenomenon. She will also compare these perspectives to Berger's Theory of Religion and World Construction. 

The 2023 Faculty Talks series spotlights the research scholarship of FJN faculty and graduate students. 

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Housed in the Office of the Provost, the Faculty Justice Network offers an inviting space for racially minoritized faculty members to gather and engage in programs and events that address members’ unique social, cultural, academic and professional development needs and interests.

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