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WVU extends pre-employment background check requirement to unpaid interns

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West Virginia University is committed to providing a safe learning, working and living environment for our entire campus community.

In support of these efforts, the Division of Talent and Culture is expanding the WVU pre-employment background check requirement to include unpaid internships at the University, effective Jan. 9, 2023.  

Internships provide undergraduates, recent graduates and others with learning experiences under the guidance of an appropriate manager. Internships also provide participants with opportunities to gain valuable experience and make connections in professional fields they may be considering for career paths. 

Unpaid interns must adhere to all WVU policies and training requirements. However, in accordance with the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), unpaid interns do not receive compensation and are not eligible for employment benefits like health benefits, workers’ compensation or the ability to file for unemployment insurance compensation.  

Unpaid interns are required to successfully complete a criminal background check prior to beginning their assignment if the intern will serve in a position that will be:

  • Working with minors,

  • Driving on behalf of the University,

  • Handling personal identifying information, financial information, currency or other sensitive information.

Background check process for unpaid interns

The following steps are required to process a background check for an unpaid intern:  

  1. Colleges, departments or units with unpaid interns must submit a background check request form.

  2. WVU Talent Strategy will submit the information to the University’s third-party background check vendor, who will contact the unpaid intern via email to complete the necessary online form to conduct the background check.

  3. Once the intern completes the form, the background check will be initiated.

  4. When the outcome is received, Talent and Culture will notify the primary contact within the college, department or unit via email.

Once these steps are completed, the candidate may begin their unpaid internship.  

Visit the WVU Shared Services Community for more information. Contact WVU Shared Services at 304-293-6006 or with any questions.