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WVU Police holding on-campus training exercises today

university police officer

As part of our commitment to foster a safe environment for our campus community, the West Virginia University Police Department will hold on-campus training exercises for its officers as well as the Monongalia County Sheriff’s Department today (Oct. 24).

These exercises will provide officers with continued active shooter training and critical education on crisis response. 

The immediate areas surrounding the Arnold Hall Annex and Apartments will be secured and available only to responders and authorized personnel during the exercises. The main area of the building will not be used during the exercises and will remain accessible to students, faculty and staff.

Additionally, signage will be posted in these areas to alert students, faculty, staff and visitors while the exercises are in progress. Our campus community also may see an increased number of police cars near Arnold Hall Annex and Apartments while officers participate in the training exercises. 

“Our team at the University Police Department is committed to campus safety and we provide training throughout the year to ensure our officers are equipped to respond to a crisis,” University Police Chief Sherry St. Clair said. “These exercises will refresh our officers’ active shooter training and keep us prepared in case of an emergency.”

For more University Police information, visit our website or call 304-293-COPS. For more safety and wellness information, follow @WVUsafety on Twitter and WVU Safety and Wellness on Facebook. To get updates during an emergency on campus, follow @WVUalert on Twitter.