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Research Office announces presentation dates for software vendor presentations

research building

The Research Office has an effort underway, the Research Portal Initiative, to improve process and automation supporting research compliance and administration. A critical component of this initiative is to select modernized software that was developed with an R1 research institution focus, is easy to use and provides advanced integration and data services. 

A request for proposal was posted in early April. A requirement of the finalists is an on-campus presentation focused on the faculty and the research community. Your feedback regarding the finalists is valuable to the long-term success of research at WVU, therefore we invite you to learn more about the proposed systems and attend an on-campus presentation.

We anticipate two-to-three finalists, and presentations will last 90 minutes with a 30-minute question-and-answer session. We will send you a survey to provide feedback after the presentations. 

The presentations will be held at the Erickson Alumni Center’s Ruby Grand Hall and will require in-person attendance on June 8, 13 and 14 from 1-3 p.m. 


Register in advance for the survey can to be sent to your email address.