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WVU+kc Award system now provides researchers more detailed and accurate data, Q&A session offered Wednesday

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The WVU+kc Award module, upgraded over the weekend, now provides the WVU research community more accurate data that is easier to report on and capable of integrating with other Kuali modules. The upgrade corrected a problem that was resulting in duplicate records.

Additionally, researchers can now see the data they need through a Time & Money page, which shows the hierarchical structure of the awards along with a summary and transactions from MAP. Changes to the Award Notification (Green Sheet) will now show award hierarchy information.

Previously, the ability to organize data in the system was limited. With the update, data is categorized into user-friendly tabs that provide a more streamlined award process. This will let researchers keep track of awards, commitments and any special reviews needed. They can also add comments to the project and view Medusa graphics to help with reporting. 

For more information about this update, you can attend a Zoom Q&A session with the Research Office from noon to 1 p.m. Wednesday (April 13).

Register here for the session.