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WVU Research Office undergoing plan to advance electronic research portal

research building

The WVU Research Office has a plan to advance the University’s electronic research portal. 

The portal is the interface between faculty and a variety of research administration offices and professionals who aim to improve the entire research lifecycle. It is used by researchers to start and manage their projects. 

Officials at the Research Office, led by its Vice President Fred King, believe the time is ripe for investing in a robust portal to improve efficiency and effectiveness. 

This summer, researchers will have a chance to view various modules and offer feedback. Informational sessions and presentations will be made available by the vendors.

“Researchers will want one platform with a user-friendly interface, faster compliant approvals, and easy integration within the modules,” said Rosemary Casteel, director of research systems and operational data service at the WVU Research Office.

“We will ensure the academic community can learn about the vendors and provide feedback on their needs,” said Katie Stores, assistant vice president for strategy and research at the WVU Research Office. “We are focused on system-to-system providers, advanced data reporting and continuous improvements by the vendor, and aligning with the University-wide modernization program.”

Stores and Casteel acknowledged that these improvements are emerging from King’s vision, which entails advancing the research infrastructure to another level, particularly as an R1 institution. 

For more information, contact either Casteel at or Stores at