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WVU offers guidance on use of KN95 masks

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West Virginia University is providing students, faculty and staff who will be on campus this semester with a free COVID-19 antigen self-test kit and KN95 mask. 

Step-by-step instructions for completing the self-test can be found on the Return to Campus website. A video tutorial also is available.

The provided KN95 masks can be reused by the same wearer for several days if they are used and cared for utilizing the following guidance. 

Check the mask integrity before each use to assure:

  • The shape is not deformed and the filter material is not physically damaged or soiled.

  • The seal is continuous around the edge of the mask.

  • The straps (if elastic) are compliant.

  • The nose piece is not damaged and in one piece.

  • There are no holes or signs of major wear or fraying.

Proper care and use:

  • Store the mask in a clean paper bag when not in use.

  • Handle the mask mainly by the straps and avoid excess touching of the outside surface of the filter.

  • Do not share the mask with any other person.

  • To protect the outside of the KN95 mask and improve fit (protection), consider wearing a cloth or surgical mask over the top of the KN95.

  • KN95 masks cannot be washed and reused.

Reasons for retiring the mask include:

  • Heavy or sustained use in environments that generate high aerosol levels that may occur in healthcare workers caring for COVID-19 patients.

  • The mask is contaminated with blood or respiratory secretions or other bodily fluids.

  • The mask is soiled with dirt or residues.

  • It becomes hard to breathe through the mask.

On-campus students and on-site and hybrid employees may pick up their self-test kit and KN95 mask through Friday, Jan. 14 at the following locations: 

Students and employees must present their Mountaineer Card when picking up their test kit and mask.  

Visit the Return to Campus website for more information. Questions related to COVID-19 and WVU’s health and safety protocols can be submitted or sent via email to