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Protect your Zoom meetings from outside disruptions and report hateful incidents to DEI

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To protect your Zoom meetings from intentional disruption and Zoom-bombing, Information Technology Services recommends that all faculty, staff and students follow Zoom privacy and security recommendations.

Should someone disrupt a Zoom event with hateful language and/or disturbing images that are racist, sexist or homophobic in nature, report the incident. The Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion will investigate these reports and may involve law enforcement, Student Conduct, Talent and Culture and ITS.

Zoom event organizers should consider the following precautions to protect online interactions:

• Restrict the meeting to WVU users when possible and require attendees to log in with the “Sign In with SSO” button, rather than the email and password fields on the app.

• Keep “Join Before Host” turned off to better manage attendees.

• Do not share meeting IDs, links or passcodes publicly on web pages or social media. 

• Require advance registration and use email to send the link to join.

• Use a waiting room and screen guests as they arrive.

• Disable video, audio and screen sharing without Host permission.

• Know how to mute all participants, how to remove participants and how to report participants.  

If your meeting is Zoom-bombed, the organizer or a designee should acknowledge what is happening and take steps to mute and remove the disrupters. Acknowledgement can be as simple as stating, “We apologize to everyone for this inappropriate and disturbing attack. We are removing those responsible and will report this for investigation. If you feel you need to leave the call in the meantime, we certainly understand.” 

Please direct any question to the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or