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Human subject researchers should begin using new Protocol Type Decision Tool in Kuali Build

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A new tool that will help researchers correctly determine IRB protocol types when submitting a protocol is now available in Kuali Build. The WVU Office of Human Research Protections recommends researchers use the WVU+kc IRB Protocol Type Decision Tool before starting a human subject protocol submission to help streamline the process and reduce submission errors. 

Researchers will use the decision tool by checking boxes related to risk, participants, funding and other factors that correspond to their project and then submitting the answers. 

After completing this process, you will receive a PDF by email that recommends the protocol type you should use: full board with attached protocol; full board without attached protocol; expedited; exempt; or flex. *You will not need to attach the Decision Tool PDF as part of your IRB Protocol submission. 

For help answering the Decision Tool questions or understanding the results, contact the WVU Office of Human Research Protections at 304-293-7073 or

For help accessing and using Kuali Build, contact the ITS Service Desk at 304-293-4444 or