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Donate gently used items to the Blue and Gold Mine Sale beginning today

blue gold mine sale

Donations will be accepted in all residence halls starting today (May 3) for WVU’s annual Blue and Gold Mine Sale. The sale is a long-time partnership of WVU and the United Way to provide a second life to donated goods in a yard-sale like event while raising money for the local United Way. 

Collection locations and accepted items are as follows:

Residence Hall Collection Locations 

  • Brooke Tower & Braxton Tower- M63C (Learning Center) 

  • Bennett Tower & Lyon Tower- M03 (Gaming Room)  

  • Lincoln Hall- 134 (Library) 

  • Oakland Hall- Café Area 

  • Summit Hall-111 (Faculty Office) 

  • Honors Hall- 120 (Multipurpose Room)  

  • Seneca Hall: Lobby Area 

  • Dadisman Hall- 1 (LLC Office)  

  • Stalnaker Hall-231 (Piano Room) 

  • Boreman North & South- 91 

  • Vandalia Hall – Second floor lobby in Vandalia Gold (Front building) 

Community Collection Locations

  • Grant Avenue

  • Top of Falling Run Rd.

  • Mountaineer Station/Area 81 parking lot

  • Chateau Royale

What can be donated 

  • Clothing, shoes, accessories 

  • Purses, bags, luggage 

  • Bedding, curtains, towels 

  • Dishware, utensils, cups, pots, pans, kitchen appliances 

  • Home décor 

  • Electronics 

  • School supplies 

  • Furniture 

What cannot be donated

  • CRT televisions 

  • CRT computer monitors 

  • Mattresses and box springs 

This year’s sale will be in a new location—the event tent on the tennis courts beside Bennett Tower on Saturday, May 15. 

Read more about Blue and Gold Mine Sale.