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CEHS professor co-authors article in premier research journal in mathematics education

Keri Valentine

Associate professor in the College of Education and Human Services Keri Valentine and her colleague at University of Georgia rose to the Grand Challenges for mathematics education and co-authored an article published in the November 2020, issue of the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education, one of the top journals in the field. 

The duo looked at answering the question of how learners problematize geometric concepts by connecting their minds, bodies and experiences to the world in which they exist. Using the book and movie version of “Flatland,” they found that eighth grade learners made use of their bodies and experiences to imagine how phenomena from their everyday world might manifest or appear in other dimensions and were able to deeply connect with and understand problems of dimensionality. 

In 2015, the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics Research Committee released several Grand Challenges for mathematics education to include “changing perceptions about what it means to do mathematics.”

Read article in the Journal for Research in Mathematics Education.