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West Virginia Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition open for entries

Business Plan Competition

The 15th Annual WV Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition offers college students from around the state the unique opportunity to make their business idea come to life.

While the events cannot be in person this year, we have created a virtual space that allows the energy, ideas and sharing to thrive. The competition will offer a different way for students to participate while keeping true to its roots—a place for entrepreneurial students from across the state to connect, create and start businesses. Participants come from many different disciplines and backgrounds and the competition is open to all full-time higher education students from any major in the state of West Virginia. 

The 2020-21 Competition will be 100% online and open to for-profit and not-for-profit ideas. 

Important Dates:

Nov. 13                    Round 1: submissions due by noon

Dec. 9                      Workshop for semifinalists 

Feb. 8-12, 2021     Round 2: Semifinals 

Feb. 26, 2021        Workshop for finalists

April 16, 2021       Round 3: Finals

Find more information on the WV Collegiate Business Plan Competition. 

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