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REMINDER: Deduction holiday pay for July 31 paycheck

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Friday’s (July 31) paycheck will be a third paycheck in the month of July for WVU employees. For a 12-month benefits-eligible employee, this will be considered a “deduction holiday pay.” 

For benefits-eligible employees who are working fewer than 12 months (e.g., faculty members with nine-month contracts), the deduction holiday pay occurs on their first and last pay during their contract period. 

For the deduction holiday pay, there will be no benefit deductions withheld (only mandatory taxes and retirement deductions). Deductions from the deduction holiday pay for 12-month employees include: 

  • Federal taxes.

  • State taxes.

  • Social Security.

  • Medicare.

  • Retirement.

  • Supplemental retirements.

Visit the Payroll website for more information and to view the 2020 pay schedule. Contact the Payroll team at with questions.