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WVU’s decision to enact a temporary furlough program

Stewart Hall

As shared in a recent Campus Conversation, West Virginia University must continue to limit its on-campus operations for the foreseeable future to prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. And while these restrictions absolutely are necessary to protect the health and well-being of our campus community, they also have resulted in the loss of numerous revenue streams at the University. 

Throughout the past several weeks, WVU has implemented various measures to prioritize funding to satisfy our financial obligations while also considering the ongoing needs of our students, faculty and staff. 

However, after careful consideration, the University has determined it is necessary to move forward with a temporary furlough program for designated staff based on current financial conditions and operational needs. 

A temporary furlough is defined as a temporary reduction in force with an expectation of returning to work. And WVU fully intends for those who have been identified for temporary furlough to return to their positions later this summer, no later than the end of July.

The temporary furlough will be effective Sunday, May 24, and an impacted employee’s return-to-work date will be either Sunday, June 28 or Sunday, July 26, depending on operational needs. 

Throughout this morning (Friday), the University is holding a series of conference calls with employees who have been identified for temporary furlough to discuss next steps.

WVU did not take the decision to move forward with a temporary furlough program lightly. We truly believe our people are what sets our University apart, which is why this decision was so difficult. 

However, WVU also is confident this decision is necessary to ensure the financial sustainability of our institution.

The Talent and Culture and Shared Services teams will be assisting employees identified for temporary furlough in applying for unemployment compensation and continuing their WVU benefits.