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Apply for $1,500 to help transform WVU campuses

transform this

The Office of the Provost invites all faculty and staff to participate in a Strategic Transformation challenge to conceptualize and enact change across the University's campuses. The deadline to apply is Feb. 24.

Through last year’s Strategic Transformation process, year nearly 1,000 faculty, staff and administrators helped to identify the University’s key strengths and points of differentiation and to collectively imagine future opportunities and possibilities. That collective vision was shared with the University community in Fall 2019.

For Spring 2020, the Office of the Provost is challenging the WVU community to continue this momentum by offering $1,500 Transform This! Challenge Grants for projects and activities that promote Strategic Transformation Goal #5: A university that advances a culture, climate and organizational structure that promotes sustainability, well-being and an enriched quality of life. 

Selected applicants will receive a $1,500 Transform This! Challenge Grant to put their ideas into action.

Learn more about Strategic Transformation.