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Researcher in orthopaedics awarded DoD grants to improve trauma patient care

Bingyun Li portrait

Open fractures are commonly seen in civilian and military personnel. It is estimated that more than 150,000 open fractures occur in the U.S. every year and open fractures are increasingly common because of increased survivability of high energy trauma. Professor Bingyun Li at WVU Orthopaedics has been awarded $600,000 to develop new therapeutic approaches to improve the surgical treatments of open fracture patients.

Professor Li is currently working on a DoD grant to develop new immunotherapeutic approaches to reduce open fracture associated infections. In September, Professor Li will start a second grant from DoD to develop innovative nanohybrids to reduce two major complications of open fracture surgical treatments (i.e. delayed bone regeneration and infection).

Success of Professor Li’s projects is expected to lead to new therapeutic treatments that will significantly benefit injured military and civilian personnel. Professor Li presented his findings last week (August 20-23, 2018) at the Military Health System Research Symposium, the Department of Defense’s premier annual scientific meeting. Shichao Zhang, PhD, has been recruited to work on these DoD grants, and has recently published a paper titled “Biomimetic layer-by-layer self-assembly of nanofilms, nanocoatings, and 3D scaffolds for tissue engineering” on International Journal of Molecular Sciences.

More information of Professor Li’s research can be found on his page in the Health Sciences Center Directory.


Bingyun Li, PhD

Professor, Department of Orthopaedics

Tel: 3042931075