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WVU BOG Talent and Culture Rules and Governance Rule out for public comment

The West Virginia University Board of Governors has issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking to potentially:

  • Amend current BOG Policy 45 on rulemaking and re-name it BOG Governance Rule 1.1;
  • Approve four new Talent & Culture Rules;
  • Amend five current BOG Policies relating to human resources and rename them as BOG Talent & Culture Rules; and
  • Repeal six current BOG Policies relating to human resource practices (vast majority of which have been incorporated into one of the four new BOG Talent & Culture Rules).

Summaries of the new proposed BOG Talent & Culture Rules and the proposed amendments / repeals of current BOG policies regarding human resources can be found at:  Any proposed amendments to current BOG Policies regarding human resources are shown in a redline format.

The revisions will be posted for public comment for 30 days beginning July 18 and ending on Aug. 17. All public comments received will be posted on the University’s policy website. The rules may be changed, subject to comments received. The comments, or summary thereof, and final proposed rules will be posted for 10 days prior to the Board taking final action on Sept. 8.

The BOG rules under review can be found at: Any member of the public can comment on these proposed rules. If you wish to comment, please click on a proposed rule. The proposed rule’s text will appear. Following the text of the rule, you will see a comment form. Please complete and submit the comment form to provide your input.