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Collegiate Business Plan Competition Oversight Committee votes to open to part-time students

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The WV Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition Oversight Committee voted unanimously to open the competition to all degree-seeking students taking minimum three-credit hours enrolled in a program at a higher education institution in West Virginia. The committee is composed of faculty and staff from various institutions from across the state.

Tricia Ball, associate director of the Marshall iCenter said, “Opening the WV Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition up to part-time students will encourage more diversity amongst the participants and in the business concepts themselves. Through this expansion, student groups like nontraditional students, doctoral students, and students with full-time jobs will be able to participate. These students face distinct challenges and will bring with them unique perspectives and skill sets which will result in broader representation of the state’s population in the business concepts that are developed and ultimately launched.” 

The WV Statewide Collegiate Business Plan Competition offers college students around the state the unique opportunity to make their business idea come to life. Participants come from many different disciplines and backgrounds, and the competition is open to degree seeking higher education students from any major in the state of West Virginia. This year’s competition will be 100% online and be open to for-profit and not-for-profit ideas. 

College BPC Important Dates:

Nov. 13 Round 1: submissions due by noon

Dec. 9           Workshop for semifinalists 


Feb. 8-12      Round 2: Semifinals 

Feb. 26         Workshop for finalists

April 16         Round 3: Finals

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